As a dynamic and highly energized Global Speaker and Life Strategist, Anthony Stafford has been empowering people across the globe for over 29 years to be bold and ferocious in reaching beyond the imaginary limitations of their fear, doubt, and disbelief.  Anthony encourages people of all ages to overcome the challenges of distraction and procrastination, and to move away from mediocrity. His mission is to inspire people around the world to stop chasing their dreams, and start CREATING and CATCHING them.  Anthony's ultimate goal is to motivate every single dreamer to reach their highest potential with absolute passion and purpose.

Anthony also challenges current community, cultural and business leaders, as well as the future leaders, to rise beyond the threshold of their imagination, and achieve greater impact and success. He will provide practical, effective, and life-changing tools, wisdom and valuable resources that can greatly impact your financial growth, stability and comfort.

Having worked in the entertainment business for over 29 years, and within the law enforcement community for over 15 years, Anthony has amassed a varied, and wide spectrum of business, career & life expertise that has earned him great respect and admiration from his peers, and many others. Anthony is not only willing to help those around him, but he has always made it his mission to share his wisdom and knowledge with anyone seeking his help, guidance and support.

As a premier and highly-sought empowerment coach and mentor, Anthony can help you translate your hopes and dreams into practical and achievable goals that can transcend the vision of your life into a living reality that you're proud of. His direct-from-the-heart, and passionate approach influences people from all spectrums of life to soar above and beyond the obstacles and challenges they face, and grab hold of their greatest possibility!

His messages are powerful and deeply inspirational, and often shifts the atmosphere of the room with a clear awakening and fresh perspective.


Anthony Stafford

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"Don't compare your life to others. There's no comparison between the Sun & the Moon. They both shine when it's their time." - unknown

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