Motivational & Keynote Speaker

Dynamic & highly energized, Anthony Stafford is inspiring people around the world to be DREAM CREATORS and DREAM CATCHERS who persistently pursue their passion with purpose.  He provides practical, effective & life-changing tools, wisdom and invaluable resources to enhance every aspect of your personal, academic and professional life.

Life & Financial Mentorship

Anthony provides practical advice, encouragement, support & useful resources to navigate through the various aspects of your professional, financial & personal life; while empowering you to make the best decisions in order to have the brightest future and great success.  Anthony will help you navigate the financial problems you're facing, by building and strengthening your financial intelligence.

Empowerment Coaching & Life Strategy

Anthony can help you reach beyond your life obstacles & challenges, and translate your hopes and dreams into practical and achievable goals - and a solid life strategy & plan of action - that can transcend the vision of your life into a reality that you're proud of.

And for those in need, Anthony can also focus on the concept of "Adulting" 101, designed to help you learn the basics of managing your adult life: including financial responsibility and management, establishing and maintaining good credit, housing, rent and auto purchases, building and nurturing personal relationships, social media responsibility, and living a comfortable lifestyle.

Business Management Consulting

Anthony can provide an analysis of the existing practices of your company and make recommendations and developments for improvements in order to achieve stronger brand visibility and greater sales. Service specialties include human resource consulting, social media consulting & management, business marketing strategy, and basic operations consulting.  Anthony works hand-in-hand with you to develop and implement effective strategy, planning and problem solving. He can also help you develop your overall business skills and knowledge.

Wedding Officiant

Choosing the right wedding officiant is one of the most important choices you will make for your wedding.  Anthony can help create your very own personal, unique ceremony experience, and make it an unforgettable day for you and your families.  He encourages you and your fiancé to be a part of the design and creative process, particularly in crafting the memorable words, messages, stories and exchange of vows.  Anthony helps you create a fully customized ceremony experience that fully celebrates your unique relationship.  Consultations are always free, so let's work together to make this the wedding of your dreams!

College & Career Preparation Coach

As a College & Career Coach with over 15 years experience, Anthony has helped hundreds of high school students prepare for college.  He has also guided countless graduates in their transition from college life into their big career.  Anthony can assist you with crafting attention-getting resumes, mastering interview questions and forging a career path that meets present and future needs. If you really want to land the college or the career of your  choice, it's critical to learn how to best to discover and display your unique strengths, skills, and passion.  It is also important to learn how to properly convey that your education, internships, work experience, and personal experiences make you an undeniable candidate.  After all, everyone wants to enroll or hire the next rising star!

Having Anthony as your one-on-one Coach every step of the way, will ensure that you never feel alone in the labyrinth of steps and process required to achieve your goals. Anthony provides helpful, supportive guidance, unique resources, proven techniques and useful tools that can help you pursue your passion, and position you for excellence.  He will help you develop and display your self confidence, help create an outstanding resume, ease your concerns about interviewing, and develop and effectively execute the right job search strategy.

Anthony's One-on-One Coaching program covers:

Resume Critique & Preparation, Cover Letter Techniques & Preparation, Defining your individual strengths and weaknesses, Effective Strategies for selling your strengths and unique skills, Crafting your 30-60 second commercial (elevator pitch), Job Search Strategy and Execution, Networking 101, Interview Preparation & Mastering (Pre-interview through final offer, and Post Interview Techniques), and Negotiating the offer.  Additionally, Anthony's upgraded program includes: Lifestyle Management 101 (Personal & Business), Financial Responsibility & Management (Including Credit 101), and Social Media Responsibility.

Anthony's Mission

To create an empowering forum, enriched with resource and inspiration that encourages people to create and live their best life with passion and purpose.


A quote from Anthony...

"Wealth is not simply a result of having valuable assets, but more so, having the right mindset to achieve and maintain it." - ACS

Get on Your Feet!

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