Welcome to Ant Staff Speaks!

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, wisdom, and experience in various aspects of life, career and personal development.  My goal is to help dreamers, aspiring achievers, and those who are lost in between to learn how to build a consistent and sustainable quality of life.  I want to help those who have been chasing their dreams learn how to finally CATCH them!

My passion is to help you discover and reach the brightest pathway toward YOUR success.  I want to offer invaluable tools, resources and insight to help you fight against the three dangerous derailments of your dream - the "Dangerous D's:" Distraction, Discouragement, and Disappointment.  These D's are vital to the learning mechanism of anyone's success, however, many of us have instead allowed these Dangerous D's to derail and dismantle our dreams.  But today, I want to show you how to learn from, and be empowered by each of these unique learning mechanisms. Now it's time to Resist your Fear, and Demand your Dream! ™

This website will be the central empowerment hub for the community of dreamers who wish to be educated, inspired, motivated, encouraged, guided, re-directed, challenged and most importantly, empowered to get on the right pathway toward their success.

We are all seekers of life direction, but it is our responsibility to make the right steps on that pathway. Even though the journey may seem tumultuous and discouraging at times, those of us that persist and persevere on that pathway will undoubtedly experience the fullness of achievement in their passion and purpose.

Whether you seek life & career mentoring, financial or life coaching, business consultation, college and career preparation, or inspiring messages, I will lead you down the road where your dreams are created and nurtured; and ultimately empower you to catch and maintain each of your dreams with great passion and purpose.  My guidance, support and services will offer unique opportunities for you to reach achievable happiness, success, and a responsible lifestyle enriched in financial growth and stability.

Having touched nearly 30,000 individual lives, I have been fortunate to receive continuous recognition and appreciation for my passionate and enlightening perspective.

"Anthony's masterful, straight-from-the-heart, approach helps to motivate and inspire some of the most discouraged minds and aspiring dream catchers." - DR

I have helped thousands of future leaders, influencers and many others to stop CHASING dreams, and start CATCHING them!  I want to do the same for you.

I am currently responding to global invitations and opportunities to impact the lives of students, business leaders, dreamers, believers, and everyone else in-between.  My ultimate goal is to elevate the lives of those seeking growth and success.  I hope to take each of you to a higher level of accomplishment and purpose that surpasses all of your fears, doubts, inhibitions, and limitations. Let's crush the negative impact of distractions, discouragement and disappointment along the way.

I want to help design the best pathway to your brightest future.  I want to do it today!  Let me help you.