Dream Construction 101: The Building Blocks of Success PT. I

“The Building Blocks of your Purpose are Built at the Base of Your Passion…”

How many ground-breaking ideas have you thought of that literally stopped you in your tracks, and made you envision a new future for yourself? How many of those ideas did you actually work on to make that beautiful vision come true? Here’s a better question: Of those ideas you began working on, how many of them did you actually complete?

If your answer to any of these questions is “none,” or “very few,” don’t feel bad.  There are many people who are seemingly trapped in a dream-state, stuck on pause or procrastination, and even paralyzed by absolute fear of taking action.  However, what’s most important right now is that you’re reading this.  Today is your opportunity to learn how to become more than just a dreamer, and more than just an achiever.  Now is the perfect time to become free from your fears, procrastination, and constant dream-state, and step onto the right path toward pursuing your passion and fulfilling your purpose. It’s time to become a DreamCatcher.

I’d like to teach you how to create and design your dreams – as an “architect,” as well as teach you how to build and maintain them – as a “builder.” And yes, dream maintenance is very important, because let’s face it — you don’t buy a beautiful home or car and watch it take care of itself! Your dreams require nurturing and care, even as you reach the pinnacle of success.  You have to adopt the necessary responsibilities of that success, and constantly maintain the beauty of what you have created, and worked hard to build.

We Can ALL be Architects and Builders

Let’s understand two things:

  1. Dreaming is often the first step for anyone who wishes to bring something to fruition. This is you as an architect — designing every dream from the inside out, whether big or small. Some of you are great architects and could do this job all day, creating massive dreams on top of dreams!  I refer to this group of people as the DreamChasers.

On the other hand, some of you may not be great at designing, envisioning, creating, and imagining. Instead, you’re much better at… Building.

  1. Builders don’t handle the creative work, but instead put in the hours necessary to bring results. They lay down the foundation and build up the brickwork of a dream. But unfortunately, more often than not, builders are constructing the dreams of someone else. They are excellent carpenters, contractors and masonry experts of both corporate and blue-collar America.  I refer to this group of people as the DreamBuilders.  Yet, when it comes to assembling their own dreams, they are stopped cold – simply because they have not created or designed a dream for themselves.

So, which one are you? If you are just one, or the other, then I am here to help you become both!

Some of you may already consider yourselves to be both an architect and a builder, but you feel extremely frustrated with the process and progress of achieving your goals. This is often a result of poor dream management, planning and execution.

My ultimate goal is to help everyone, no matter what category you consider yourself in, to master the art of both designing and building your dreams. Think of it this way, if most people could afford to, they would design their own dream house; and if they had the time, skill and resources, they would also build that very same dream house.  The same idea applies to your goals: If you are truly passionate and really want to achieve that goal, then you must create it and build it. You must be the architect and the builder of your dreams in order to stop chasing success, and actually start “catching” (achieving) it.

Passion + Persistence = Purpose

Before you can become a successful architect and builder, and fulfill your life’s purpose, you must first know and understand what you are truly passionate about.  Once you’ve discovered your true passion, you must be unwavering in your persistence to pursue it.  And before you can actually create or build your dream based on that passion, you must be completely committed to your purpose. It’s simple math: (Passion + Persistence = Purpose).

Let’s think about Oprah Winfrey. Once a young dreamer, Oprah learned how to create, build and persistently fight her way through many challenges, hardships and obstacles. Through perseverance, and an unbreakable commitment to her life purpose, she eventually earned over thirty-five years of unprecedented multi-media success. Oprah has tenaciously followed her passions, which has consistently lead her to achieve her greatest purpose. This veteran dream “architect” and “builder,” also realized that one dream was never enough.  In order to grow, learn, and achieve more, Oprah knew that she had to create newer and bigger dreams.  She also discovered newer passions along the way.  During the course of her pursuits, Oprah, sometimes made simple alterations and repairs to her goals; and other times, she was forced to completely re-create a flawed or failing dream.  Either way, the base of her passion and persistence always landed her on the building blocks of her purpose.

Oprah Winfrey is an architect and a builder, and she continues to design and build new dreams everyday – because the cycle never ends. She has gained the ultimate title that all successful individuals should desire to have.  By persistently believing in and pursuing her passion, and staying dedicated to her purpose, Oprah has become a masterful DreamCatcher.

Of course, we all can take a page out of the Oprah Winfrey book of success.  But this book isn’t owned by her.  We are all capable of achieving the same level of success – if not more.  If you relentlessly pursue your passion, persistently design and re-design, build and re-build – all of your dreams, and stay unceasingly committed to your purpose, you too can earn the title of DreamCatcher!

So, what exactly happens when you become a DreamCatcher? I’m happy to share this with you in Dream Construction 101: The Building Blocks of Success, Part II.

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