Dream Construction 101: The Building Blocks of Success PT. II

What Happens When You Become a DreamCatcher?

(Before you continue, be sure to read Part 1 first.)

Not a Final Destination

A person who has achieved the ultimate collaboration of creating and building their dreams, of being an architect and a builder – or a DreamCatcher and not simply a DreamChaser – has just begun the greatest journey of success.   Notice that I said, “journey of success,” and not the journey toward success.  That is because success is not a destination you arrive to, but instead, an ongoing journey.  Essentially, success becomes a lifestyle.  DreamCatchers understand this fundamental difference.  It is important to also understand that this journey involves the persistent pursuit of your passion, in spite of the obstacles you encounter along the way.  As you strive to fulfill your purpose, you will be required to routinely nurture, develop, and maintain your dream in order to ensure the quality of your success.

As you navigate this journey, you may also find yourself inspired to create bigger and better dreams, which will require new design ideas and construction plans.  Because the pathway is a never-ending process of discovery and re-discovery, and a mixture of old accomplishments and new challenges, it becomes clear that success is not a stopping point or destination.  Instead, success is a continuation point for achieving bigger dreams and goals.  Upon reaching a goal, an ordinary person might ask, “What else is there left to accomplish?” But the DreamCatcher knows that there is much more work to do.  The DreamCatcher understands that the cycle of creation and construction must start again….and again… and again.  The building blocks of success will always continue as you pursue different passions, hope for bigger accomplishments, and seek a greater purpose.

“The building blocks of success can be infinite when they are cemented by persistence and perseverance.”

Drafting Your Blueprint

In the early steps of designing your success, you must first evaluate where you are in your life, where you’d like to be, and identify the tools necessary to get you there. In other words, you must recognize and acknowledge your current life status, then establish your life and career goals, and finally, identify all the knowledge, skills, talents, and resources you currently have, and those you still need to acquire in order to get started on creating, and eventually building your dreams.

Here are the primary tools you will need to start drafting your dream:

1.) Desire: You must first want to achieve something in order to get started.  This is the seed of thought, and the initial motivating factor that drives the imagination to envision a dream you hope to become a reality.  Everything great (big or small) starts with the desire to achieve it.

2.) Passion: because without it, you only have an idea without a purpose.  This is the “thing” that you absolutely love and become excited about without hesitation.  Others have described this feeling as being soul-stirring, and incomparable to any other feeling.  Your passion will lead you to your purpose.

3.) Inspiration: either from the world around you, from other people’s journey, or even from the experiences in your own life.  These inspiration points can help shape your own ideas and imagination, and ultimately provide a fresh perspective on the goals and dreams inside of you.  We are all inspired in some way by so many different things, but it is important to tap into that inspiration as a tool for designing your dream.

Once you have attained these three tools, the designing process can begin.  For most of us, this process starts in our minds, during our private thoughts.  Over time, and when properly nourished, these seeds of thought will grow into a flourishing design plan for the dream you see for your life.  And as the dream continues to grow, and you begin to believe more in what you have created, you will recognize the beautiful blueprint of your dream.  It is at this moment, that you are ready to switch hats from being the architect to the builder.

Start Your Building Blocks

Now that you have successfully created the vision and blueprint of your dream, it’s time for you to start building! Remember, the dream in your mind will not build itself into reality.  It will stay exactly where you keep it.  If you want to continue chasing your dreams, then don’t move!  Stay right where you are, in the comforts of your mind.  However, if you are ready to build your dream, block by block, until you achieve the success you envision, then it’s time to take the blueprints, put on your hard hat, and get to work!

When building your dreams, you must be prepared to do all the work required to construct it. This includes, having all the necessary skills, tools and resources at your fingertips to properly assemble each part of the dream.  For example, if you dream of becoming an actor, you will need to take acting classes and master the craft, have headshots, secure an agent, and have the tenacity to audition over and over again, facing constant rejection before ever reaching your big break.  And even after having that big break, you still cannot be content. In order to maintain your success, your dream will require constant renovation, redesign, renewal, and repair.  And of course, the architect hat you wore in the design stage, must always be kept close by since new desires, inspirations and passions should always motivate you to create and build even bigger dreams!

Here are the primary tools you will need to start constructing your dream:

1.) Persistence: You must never give up, or give in, no matter how discouraging the journey may become.  Often times, when things become difficult and challenging along the journey, and obstacles seem relentless, people will become so discouraged that their only relief is to simply give up.  They toss the hard hat on the ground, and walk away from their dream construction.  However, it is a critical component of success building that you learn to face and overcome challenges, and be persistent in your efforts to keep building your dream.

 “The only thing that separates your success from failure is absolute persistence.”

2.) Perseverance: To keep surviving through the challenges and obstacles of what sometimes will be a tumultuous journey takes the highest level of commitment and dedication to your passion and purpose.  There is no doubt that you will face constant battering and bruising with each building block; and the rejection of your dream will seem unrelenting at times.  However, you must press through the pain, and continue building your dream.  Each obstacle and challenge you overcome, will make you stronger and smarter, and drive you closer to success.

3.) Proper Mindset: You must unequivocally believe in yourself, and the dream you have drafted.  If you don’t believe in yourself, who else should?  It sounds easy enough, right?  We all know that sometimes this can be the toughest part.  There are a thousand reasons to doubt our dreams, and disbelieve in our right to achieve them.  However, it is also our responsibility to maintain the proper mindset of believing in ourselves, and believing in the dreams we have imagined.  And if you stay strong-minded and deeply rooted in your passion and purpose, believing in yourself will become more natural.

“Don’t allow doubt, disbelief, discouragement, or disappointment to derail your dreams!”

With these three building tools under your belt, you are set to start laying down the foundation of your dream, brick by brick.  And of course, you will discover other tools along the way to assist you with the proper construction of your dream.  But the mere fact that you are building your own dream, means you’re already on the right path to becoming a DreamCatcher, and achieving your greatest success!

“The road to success will always be under construction.”

Resist Your Fear. Demand Your Dream!™

One thing that many people overlook when designing and building their dreams, is that they must confront, and overcome one of the biggest, most powerful and paralyzing components of success – FEAR!  Many people are stifled by the fear of just getting started, and taking action.  Some people even grow content with hiding from their fears, as they watch the dreams they’ve designed disappear.  This group of people, (sadly more people than you can imagine), keep themselves stuck in a dream-state where they feel safe from these fears.

What are some of these fears? Distraction, discouragement, disappointment (failure), difficulty, and procrastination.  Then of course, there are people who are simply terrified of success, and all the responsibility of achieving it.  These are just a few examples of the types of fear that can interrupt and dismantle the construction of your dream.  In fact, fear can also destroy the very blueprint of that dream before it even has a chance to develop and grow. Within the massive labyrinth of fear, it’s easy to get lost, confused and worried about failure, but you must Resist Your Fear and Demand Your Dream!

Take charge of your future with passion, persistence and purpose.  Don’t allow fear to dismantle your dreams.  You must protect your future, and commit to the journey with unwavering conviction and dedication.

Be Bold.  Be Ferocious.  Be Motivated. It’s time for you to be a DreamCatcher!!

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